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Motor Vehicle

Here are 5 tips to make sure everyone is buckled before the car is in drive.:

  1. Show the Way

    • Your preteen notices what you do. They are more likely to buckle up if you do.

  1. Remind them

    • Everyone is busy doing multiple things when they get into the car. Check that everyone has their seatbelt on before the car moves. Everyone. Everytime.

  2. Make it a Rule.

    • Make buckling up in the back seat, in every car, a rule. Studies show that most parents decide where their preteens sit in the car. Make the rule and then stick to it. They may test you—but not forever.

  3. Make it a Fun Rule.

    • Reward them for following the seat belt/back seat rule. Reward them for getting other kids to follow the rule. Maybe they pick the radio station. Maybe they only have access to games or books in the back seat. You know your kid best, you pick the reward.

  4. Mention the Fine.

    • Wearing a seat belt is not an option it’s the law. Let your preteen know that they can get a ticket if they don’t buckle up. And that you will make THEM pay it